New green concept, new originality experience
Turn the complexity to simplicity, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and make exhibiting easier


Exhibition Operation

Booth Construction

Advocate the idea of "green exhibition" and start from customers' demands requests. The professional service team adopts standardized construction, which is efficient and rapid, green and environment-friendly, so as to effectively reduce the construction cost. It provides one-stop design, porduction and setup service of customized special booth for customers, and presents the high-quality and individualized exhibition experience.

The "green booth" product promoted by the platform adopts multiple patent techniques and advanced technologies, and makes use of the new-type non-traditional environment-friendly base materials to create the recyclable construction system with zero pollution through the standardized and modularized "setup mode".

Multimedia Solution

As the 5G era is coming, the platform will cooperate with multiple digital technology partners with integrate technologies such as 5G, VR, AR, XR and holographic projection, to provide the all-round online exhibition solutions for customers through digitalized and visualized means, which cover theme planning, space planning, exhibition design, multimedia system integration, digital image and booth construction, so as to realize the new high-end experience of digital exhibition, and help exhibitors stand out from the traditional exhibition.

Manpower Support

The platform focuses on customer demands and provides various personnel supports, including assistants in booth and translators. It also provides professional hosts, models, performing artists, and professional technicians for various conference and events. It’s more direct, convenient and lively to promote brand and product of enterprises.

Hotel Booking

Bringing together the Global Hotel Management Group, to provide customers with professional and diverse accommodation solutions in exhibition,such as one-to-one butler service, customized exclusive solutions for different needs, accurate docking resources, customized conference arrangements and reception services.You will also get hotel selection and reservation, venue reservation and management, travel arrangements, etc.

Event Service

Conference & Events

The platform provides the whole-line professional solutions like brand promotion planning, content creativity and on-site execution for customers, through its rich management experience in large-sized activities and efficient execution team. Combining technical innovation and application, it also provides high-quality professional services, such as market communication, vision design, process control, site planning and reservation, team reception and awarded tourism.

Call Center

The call center is mature, stable and professional, which adheres to customer demand and provides the competitive consultation services and solutions, and keeps creating the maximum value for customers.

With many years’ exhibition services, it has set up the integral CRM to realize the full-channel data connection, which is providing data support for predicting customers' demands and optimizing customers' experience. It provides services including inbound consultation, outbound invitation, conference sales and online investigation at different scenarios. It has complete function, and can be customized according to demands, which is flexible and convenient.

Digital Marketing

Spider Mail


Cuckoo Feathr


Ideer Live


Seahorse Campaign